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The Democratic Republic of


                                        "The Small Country with a Big Passion"                               

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Here you will find the latest news in Bobalania:

27 October 2006: We start to make our new website

22 October 2006: Bobalania joins yahoo groups
25 September 2006: 2 new citizens join Bobalania
14 August 2006: 3 New Citizens join Bobalania
13 August 2006: 3 New citizens join Bobalania
11 August 2006: Bobalania a points Leah Skeen as Prime Minister
1 August 2006: Bobalania creates their first website
19 July 2006: Bobalania is Given the name D.R.O.B. for short
2 June 2006: Bobalania creates the National Flag, and Coat Of Arms
30 May 2006: Bobalania becomes a Democratic Republic
25 May 2006:Bobalania is Founded by the king, Bobbie Bailey