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The Democratic Republic of


                                         "The Small Country with a Big Passion"

Welcome to the official website of D.R.O.B.

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The Democratic Republic Of Bobalania. A small micronation in the North-East of England.

Bobalania was formed on May 25th 2006 by Bobbie Bailey. We then became a democratic republic on the 30th of may 2006. On the 2nd of June 2006 we created our flag .Also on the same day we created our coat of arms. We then claimed my bedroom as the embassy (and official country) of Bobalania. We then had many new citizens join our country and then claimed the whole of "The Bailey family's house" as Bobalania.

Our Mission
Our mission as a country is to make a substantial nation that will be recognised by large countries in the world and beyond!!!!

Becoming a Citizen

If you would like to become a citizen of our nation. Or are just interested in our country please e-mail me. Or join our yahoo group. (


28/11/2006 19:05