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The Democratic Republic of


                                               "The Small Country with a Big Passion"

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Country Information


D.R.O.B. has a temporary government, until we have some more  citizens, and have people to help out with the country from the area. When we get those people we can start to build our country up into a substantial micronation. 
Name : The Democratic Republic of Bobalania (D.R.O.B.)
Status: Micro land, 1 acres
Founded: 25/05/06
Established: -
Land claimed: "The Bailey Household"
Capital: City of Bobalania
Population: 61 (and counting) 
Currency: Bobalans/Pounds/Euros
People: Bobalanians (European Descent)
Language: English, Bobilish
Religion: Mattistan
Government style: Democratic republic
King: Bobbie Bailey
Bobalania's Motto: "The small country with a big passion"
National animal: Mouse
National anthem: Perfecto allstarz reach up (pig bag)  

The flag of The Democratic Republic of Bobalania



The Republic's flag is 3 equal sections. The bottom and top are red, and thee middle band is white. These are the national colours. In the centre of the white band there is a st. George's cross with two vertical, parallel black lines either side of the cross. 


The coat of arms of The Democratic Republic of Bobalania



The Republic's Coat of Arms is an usual style. Opting for a circle instead of the usual shield badge. The coat of arms is a large oval circle with a white band in the middle of two red bands. On the white band there is a black circle which contains a st. George's cross in the middle. Below the circle is the worlds "D.R.O.B." (Democratic republic of Bobalania) in white writing, which is in a red rectangle with two white vertical lines either side other the rectangle.