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Constitution Of The Democratic Republic of Bobalania

The Constitution of

The Democratic Republic of Bobalania


(NOTE: Any article is due to change as the country progresses and can only be changed by vote of the people.)


Article 1 - name

The name of this country shall be “The Democratic Republic of Bobalania”.



Article 2- purpose

The purpose of our country is to make a nation where our citizens can be free, have fun, have equal opportunities and to help make our country into a large nation that our citizens will be proud of.


Article 3- Citizens

Citizens shall NOT be-tray their country by e.g. trying to start their own once they are a citizen of our country. You can be any age, race, colour, religion, national origin, or gender. Citizens do not have to live in the country to qualify to be a citizen they just need to agree to become a citizen of our country. Citizens will not be considered if they have done wrong in another country. A citizen who has agreed to become a citizen of the country can NOT leave the country unless for a good reason. As a citizen you are expected to follow the rules of the country, the constitution and support the country’s projects and plans. Any citizen can run for an election



Article 4 – Officers

The people will decide the rules of our country but must be finalised by the government, and any problems or question’s in the country should be directed to the King or Prime Minister. Any one can apply to become a member of the government.

(This article is due to change as the country progresses)



Article 5- Finances

Finances will be handheld by the king and or prime minister. As of yet citizens do not need to pay anything to the country, but this could change depending on how the country develops.



Article 6 – Amendments

If you would like to see change to the constitution please contact the king or prime minister, or bring the issue up in the forums.