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Country information
The Government
The flag
Where are we?
The coat of arms
National Anthem

We are planning a General election within the next few months, please check back here for any updates. (Citizens of D.R.O.B., feel free to stat your own party and stand for election! Please just notify us at , But Please Note you must be a citizen of D.R.O.B. to stand for an election.)
Party currently in power: NPB (The National Party of Bobalania)
Firstly, we would like to thank you for joinig our country and we welcome you all.
Our Paty has been in power since the country was founded. Here's what we believe we can do for the nation: 
We want to make the most happen for our country because we believe that you can achieve anything if you really want it. We also believe in many things such as freedom of speech and actions. We will listen to what you-the people-want doing with the country and we shall try to complete your needs. Thank You.
                         ~Leah Skeen
                                Prime Minister Of Bobalania
Leader of The NPB

The Cabinet

Prime Minister- Leah Skeen

Deputy Prime Minister-Trev Skeen

Lord Chancellor-Christopher King

Secretary of State for Education-Tracey Gibson

Secretary of Defence- Paul Hawkes

Secretary of Foreign Affairs-Amar Javad

Chancellor of the Exchequer-Trev Skeen

Transport Secretary-Geoff Skeen

Secretary of state for health- Lisa Grant

There is a position open for anyone who would want to become Chief Secretary to the Treasury and/or The Secretary Of State for the Home Department. If intrested please contact us straight away, indicating why you think you would be suitable for the position.